Entry: Starting Your Internet Business Right Oct 9, 2003

Welcome to the online version of Chris Malta's free eBook "Starting your Internet Business Right!"
In this simple discourse, Chris take's you Step by Step through the process of starting your own "stockless enventory" store online, or how you can resell products on eBay for a profit by connecting directly with the authorized dealers  and    actual manufacturers, without having to stock any products. Feel free to post comments and questions at the end of this page , and at the end of each chapter. If you are an affiliate of the Drop Ship Source Directory, then feel free to add your link on the left hand side!

       Starting Your Internet Business Right!
By Chris Malta, Founder of The DropShip Source Directory

                                                   Table of Contents...
Part 1: Selling On The Internet
Part 2: Computer Essentials
Part 3: Understanding The Internet

Part 4:Choosing a Host for your Internet Store
Part 5: Becoming a Stockless Retailer
Part 6: Wholesalers: Real Vs. Rip-off
Part 7:Drop Ship Fees
Part 8: The Real Business World
Part 9: Beating the Superstores
Part 10: Web Sites Vs. Auctions
Part 11: Your Business; Get Legal Or Get Cheated
Part 12: Merchant Accounts Part 13: Setting Up Accounts With Distributors
Part 14: Choosing Your Products
Part 15: Pricing Your Products
Part 16: Shipping and Handling
Part 17: Placing Orders With Distributors
Part 18: Dealing With Problem Customers
Part 19: Handling Product Returns
Part 20: Setup Timeline

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Gr8 very nice post !! Its good keep going .....
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